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Exeter is home to a number of reputable accommodation facilities for students and visitors of all budgets.

Hotels and Accommodation

For visitors coming to Exeter, the city offers a variety of budget and luxury hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and campsites. This accommodation is fit for single or family travellers and can be used for short or long stays. Hotels in Exeter are normally found not too far from the city centre and tourist destinations. Apartments, inns, and campsites may be found in the quieter, residential areas of the city.

Student Accommodation

The university offers catered and self-catered accommodation to its students. Those that have catered accommodation have their meals provided by the university. Students who have chosen self-catered accommodation are responsible for their everyday meals. All three university campuses have their share of catered and self-catered rooms. On-campus student residences are normally offered to first year undergraduates, also known as Freshers. This is to allow freshers to adapt to the new and hectic life in the university. Second- and third-year undergraduates are encouraged to look for accommodation in off-campus affiliated apartments and buildings. This off-campus accommodation is safe and is recognised by the university.

Most in-campus and off-campus student residences are equipped with a single bed, desk, chair, shower, and bath. Some facilities like kitchens and launderettes may be shared with other student tenants. There are also communal rooms which may have satellite television, telephone, and bulletin boards.

The university also accommodates disabled students by placing them in more accessible and convenient student residences.

Exeter University

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