University of Exeter

University Colleges and Facilities
(Exeter, Devon, England)

The university is organized into 12 schools. Some of these schools are composed of various departments while some are considered a discipline of their own. These schools offer undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degree programmes to both local and international students. Some schools might also have their own research centres.

School of Biosciences

This school focuses on teaching and research methods in bioinformatics, genetics, and biochemistry.

School of Business and Economics

This school is composed of over 400 postgraduates and 800 undergraduates, making it one of the largest schools in the university. The school is located at Streatham Campus.

School of Education and Lifelong Learning

This school is one of the oldest schools in the university, with over 165 years of teaching education to students.

School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

This school offers undergraduate courses in Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics, and both 'researched' and 'taught' post-graduate programmes.

School of English

This school is composed of the Drama, English, and Modern Languages departments.

School of Geography, Archaeology, and Earth Resources

This school was founded in August 2003 and is one of the youngest schools in the university. It has sites in both Streatham and Cornwall campuses.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

This school was founded in collaboration with the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.

School of Law

The school has had over 80 years of teaching experience and has over 650 students and a teaching staff of 35.

School of Modern Languages

This school is composed of over 930 students and 40 teaching staff and is one of the leading teaching and research centres of German, French, Film Studies, and Russian.

Peninsula Medical School

This school was founded in partnership with NHS and Plymouth University. It was established in August 2000 and is devoted to the teaching and research of health care and clinical science.

School of Arts, Languages, and Literatures

This school is composed of the schools of Modern Languages, Performance Arts, and English.

School of Physics

This school offers course in nanotechnology and astrophysics and has its own astronomical observatory.

School of Psychology

This school offers both undergraduate and graduate courses related to Psychology. Some programmes offered combine Psychology with European languages.

School of Sport and Health Sciences

This schools is devoted to the research and teaching of sports biomechanics, health psychology, and exercise physiology.

Exeter University

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